Reach for Highline to get a taste of fine dining

This review of Highline Restaurant & Railway Lounge was originally published Sunday, Oct. 25th, 2015.

I’ve heard differing reviews on Highline Restaurant and Railway Lounge in Greencastle, Pa.

One rainy fall day, Al Dente and I decided to check out this historic house turned coffeehouse turned fine-dining establishment.

Iris greeted us and ushered us through the house to our table. I noticed that no more than one party was seated in each room, which gave the illusion of private dining.

The décor was clean, classic and conveyed a high standard. We felt underdressed in our jeans. Highline had a much more upscale feel than other local restaurants. Thankfully, no one seemed to care what we were wearing.

Iris delivered our menus and took our drink orders.

I noticed that it was not an extensive menu, but the dishes were intriguing. A handful of classic soups, such as French onion and black bean and spinach; Caesar and mixed-green salad; and hummus with naan were available for starters. Main dishes included portobello mushroom on herb focaccia; aged cheddar angus steak burger on brioche; and fresh-catch tacos, to name a few.

We were glad that the menu wasn’t larger. As it was, we were having a hard time choosing.

Al decided on the pastrami Reuben on marbled rye. I selected the salmon on herb focaccia. I hadn’t had seafood in awhile and was in the mood.

Al and I chatted in our cozy little private dining area. We could see a lovely covered veranda and outdoor dining area that would have been heavenly if not for the dreary weather.

Approximately 15 minutes after ordering, Iris delivered our meals.

Al’s Reuben and generous portion of home-fried chips filled his plate nicely.

I was underwhelmed by the half sandwich and modest portion of potato salad on my plate. I was quite hungry and had hoped for more. Al was kind enough to give me a few of his still-warm potato chips. They were delicious.

One taste of the potato salad and I was instantly glad that I’d chosen it as my side dish. The baby potatoes were thoroughly cooked without being mushy. Instead of mayonnaise, sour cream was used as the base. Finely chopped celery and garden-fresh dill were added to make the salad refreshing and delectable. My only complaint was the portion size.

The piece of salmon on my sandwich was much smaller than the focaccia. It was topped with spring greens, caramelized balsamic onions and house pesto aioli. The flat, oven-baked bread was topped with herbs. It was soft and tasty. The salmon was warm, pink and flaked easily. The bread, salmon, onions and pesto combined to make a delightful, though small, sandwich. I finished every bite.

Al was quite pleased with his Reuben. Purple cabbage was a nice change, and he noted that the house Thousand Island dressing was amazing.

Instead of driving quite a distance to mark a special occasion with loved ones, consider Highline Restaurant and Railway Lounge as your new fine-dining destination.

Ally Fredo is a pseudonym for a Herald-Mail writer who reviews restaurants anonymously to avoid special treatment.


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